We strive to meet the unique needs of our partners and customers, and we believe that every user wants to build their assets according to their own special needs.

Personal and Property Protection, Object Protection and Event Insurance

  • Highly protected objects ' public and secret protection
  • Guard services with a dog, gun and other means
  • Complex planning, organization and supply of law enforcement activities
  • Guarding of public institutions, military facilities, embassies and delegations, office buildings, cultural, sports and other facilities, supermarkets, shopping centers, premises, warehouses, apartments and villas.
  • Reception service
  • Protection of construction areas and large investments
  • Carrying out securing of events (sport, scientific and cultural events, exhibitions, conferences)
  • Preparation and inspection of special consultancy, insurance plans and guardianship plans

We put great emphasis on selecting reliable, well-prepared guards. From all our employees, we ask for a moral certificate, and we also try to collect information from other resources about them.

Our principle is that a clean record and orderly lifestyle of employees in the security profession is an inevitable requirement. We consider it important to train our guards and to prepare them for special tasks.

Our company operates in its headquarters a 24/7 remote monitoring call center, which receives all incoming calls and notifications. The company manager and our patrol service visits buildings protected by us day and night, at irregular intervals and inspects the colleagues carrying out the guard tasks.

In consultation with our partners we install a remote monitoring system to the object which assists and monitors patrolling activities and work. The work of the guards is governed by a job description, a written service code or a command order. Of course, this kind of service can only be done with great discipline, and discipline can only be maintained by exactly defined tasks (service code) and permanent, continuous control.

Via the remote monitoring system operated by us as well as by the provision of human resource for control and education we wish to ensure that our guarding service becomes even more effective.

Security engineering, implementation and maintenance Information- and data protection

  • Design, installation and maintenance of property protection and intrusion detection systems
  • Design, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems
  • Conduct of Authorization Procedures
  • Design, construction and maintenance of CCTV systems
  • Digital Picture and Voice Recording Systems
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Design, installation and maintenance of access control systems
  • Individual security and mechanical protection needs
  • Detecting illegal bug devices

In addition to reliability, precision and quality work, competitiveness is the most decisive in delivering our tasks. In accordance with the current needs, we have developed a unique digital image and voice recording system to protect banks, office buildings, parking houses, alimentary chains, retail stores, public institutions and private individuals. The special advantage of this system is that a user-friendly, high-quality product arrived at competitive prices to Hungarian customers.

Particular care is being taken to provide training for the end-of-stage installation - for each system operator. In the context of this, we educate and make practice of the full operation. At the end of the training, we hand over an operating manual in Hungarian-language for the devices installed.

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Bacteriological and Virological Remedy

Linea Hygene Box

HYGIENE BOX is a patented system that innovates the microbiological purity of the air and the surfaces of the interior spaces. The device is easy to use and easy to program, thus its application is simple, its operation meets all applicable safety standards (see ACGIH TLV).

HYGIENE BOX destroys bacteria, fungi, molds, viruses and neutralizes odor-causing elements through a complete air exchange. Ideal for medium and large spaces: for disinfection of sanitary facilities, hotels, shopping centers, manufacturing and storing premises and all other large areas with a large number of visitors. The device is primarily operated without any human presence. On request, it is possible to install an UV filter and an electrostatic filter (98.5% efficiency) to guarantee good air quality during human presence.

  • It simplifies compliance with the HACCP system and protects against microbiological hazards (Leg. 81, 09/04/08)
  • It replaces chemical detergents
  • It reduces disinfection and cleaning costs
  • It guarantees the inactivation of bacteria, molds and fungi in difficultly accessible parts / surfaces of the room
  • It also eliminates unpleasant smells even in the presence of humans

Linea Hygene Box Air & Water

Thanks to its unique ozonization process, HYGIENE BOX AW oxidizes, eliminates and neutralizes the various organic elements (mites, bacteria, molds, fungi and various viruses).

The device continuously generates ozone through its special process, controls its production and reconverts it to oxygen after completion of the purification process. The system can be easily applied, easily moved and programmed via a touchscreen.

The air-cleaning system is easy to transport, and can be applied to any room whether speaking about a room in our home or an office, a kitchen, a restaurant, a doctor's office, a hotel room. In addition, it can be used for disinfecting motor vehicles' and ambulances' interiors.

The Air & Water version is easy to convert from air ozonization to water ozonization, which is thus able to ozonization / disinfection of water. The water rich in ozone can then be easily used as a natural disinfectant.

  • It simplifies compliance with the HACCP system and protects against microbiological hazards (Leg. 81, 09/04/08)
  • It replaces chemical detergents
  • It reduces disinfection and cleaning costs
  • It guarantees the inactivation of bacteria, molds and fungi in difficultly accessible parts / surfaces of the room
  • It eliminates unpleasant smells
  • It replaces the use of chemical agents

Linea Hygene Water

HYGIENE WATER is a disinfection / cleaning system that provides microbiological purity of the surfaces in an innovative way using ozone water. Easy to use, one can turn it on or off at the touch of a button.

The system itself has been designed to replace normal water mixed with the cleanser during cleaning, thus creating a natural disinfectant or to replace usual chemical disinfectants after the purification process.

The system produces a strong disinfecting ozone-rich water from normal tap water, which is then suitable for the purification of various organisms. The structure can easily be connected to the plumbing system, which is then capable of producing ozone-rich water within a short time (about 3 minutes). The resulting disinfecting ozone water, when applied to the surfaces, neutralizes bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold.

On request, strong disinfection water may be applied to the surface at high pressure as a fine spray. In ozonized water, ozone can stabilize perfectly and have a perfect redox potential (ORP) that does not allow ozone to enter the working environment.

  • It enhances microbial purity, safe hygiene, work safety, and simplifies HACCP standardization
  • There is no need for consumables and other hygiene devices
  • Shorter operating time, less work-intensive disinfection time, reduced use of hazardous substances in the workplace (ISO 14000 - EMAS)
  • It completely removes the residues of cleaning agents from the surfaces
  • It guarantees the inactivation of bacteria, molds and fungi in difficultly accessible parts / surfaces of the room
  • It reduces water consumption
  • It reduces wastewater cleaning and disposal costs

Linea Hygene Box Clean

HYGIENE BOX CLEAN is an innovative tool that guarantees the microbial purity of various clothing products, caps, bedding, pillows, blankets, mattresses, carpets, shoes, helmets and many other items (e.g. toys, glasses, knives etc.).

Thanks to its special ozonization process, which oxidizes and destroys various organic elements (mites, bacteria, fungi, molds, viruses). The unit is easy to use, touch-screen, and can be placed anywhere. The unit eliminates the presence of various bacteria, viruses, fungi and odors, but does not replace the cleaning effect of washing. After use, the ozone will be reconverted to oxygen in a unique way. HYGIENE BOX CLEAN can be fitted with a unique fragrance container.

  • Microbial purification
  • It eliminates unpleasant smells
  • It destroys allergy-causing bacteria, mites
  • It is guaranteed to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold on the surfaces
  • It replaces chemical disinfection
  • Thanks to its dry disinfection one saves working hours
  • It scents the disinfected tools by adding natural fragrance

Linea Hygene Security Air/Water CTA

HYGIENE SECURITY AIR / WATER CTA is an innovative patent-protected system that guarantees the microbiological purity of air conditioning and air exchange systems (ATCs) and adiabatic humidification systems due to the ozone process.

Thanks to its special system, it oxidizes and eliminates the various organic elements (e.g. mites, bacteria, molds, fungi and viruses) on the surfaces of air-exchange and air-conditioning systems and in the water of humidification systems. The device complies with all safety regulations and guarantees safe operation (ref. ACGIH). It is easy to use, programmable and can be equipped with existing and new ATC systems.

AIR / WATER CTA is available in three different versions:

AIR: Automatically disinfects the internal surfaces of the ATC systems by a preliminary program and after the cleansing process, reconverts the ozone into oxygen.

WATER: after preliminary programming, disinfects the water used by adiabatic humidifier systems and keeps the water in the ATC water tank clean.

The AIR / WATER system can be used for both adiabatic and air conditioning systems.

  • Improving hygiene conditions for ATC systems (LD81 / 2008).
  • Eliminating infectious parts from the system
  • It guarantees the destruction of bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold from ATC systems and humidification systems
  • It reduces operating costs

Property Management

Our asset management activity is carried out on the basis of mandates, in the framework of which we explore the long-term investment opportunities of the real estate market, we propose proposals for the utilization of real estate on the basis of reorganization alternatives and marketability testing, prepare business plans, realize real estate development and take care of the utilization and full operation of real estate assets for own business risks.

    The asset management activities include the following:
  • Expertise on the utilization of real estate, on reorganization alternatives and marketability studies;
  • In the open market utilization of the managed real estate assets, within the limits of delegated power and contract exercising the ownership rights and fulfilling the obligations of the owner;
  • To explore long-term real estate market investment opportunities, develop business alternatives to them, utilize the real estate asset created as a result of development on a mandate or on own business risk;
  • It includes the full operation of the managed properties.

As well as our company's scope of activity includes the complete cleaning of properties, the professional hygiene management of properties, for this the latest state-of-the-art surface treatment machines and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents compatible with the clean surface are being used.

Vehicle Armoring

In the case of vehicle armoring, it is necessary to know the potential danger and to identify the weapon and caliber used in the event of a possible attack. To this end, our specialists offers comprehensive consultations to identify a real threat and define a specific level of protection.

In the case of light armor, the weight increase with the ballistic armor of the corresponding ballistic protection of the vehicle does not require intervention in the undercarriage section or in the braking system, gear unit.

The process of armoring

In the case of lightweight armoring, it is possible to retrofit armor the glasses. However, this modification requires greater care by the user as the glasses are more prone to scratching. To increase the ballistic protection of vital zones, the use of polyethylene ballistic sheets can be used to achieve NIJ 0101.04 level III protection with minimum weight gain.

Using a ceramic composite plate, the level of ballistic protection increases to level IV of NIJ 0101.04. The declared ballistic protection levels are attested by laboratories testing the standards. The vehicle's light armoring price depends on the choice of protection level, the definition of the protected area and the accessories. For our offer, please write to the following email address: info@globserver.eu

The concept of a vehicle's light armoring

The concept is based on lightweight materials used to armor parts of a vehicle. In order to achieve the best weight parameters, it is necessary to determine the ballistic protected zones of the vehicle:

  • Ballistic protection of passengers sitting on rear seats
  • Ballistic protection of passengers sitting on front seats
  • Ballistic protection of the entire staff of the vehicle
  • Ballistic protection of windscreens
  • Ballistic protection of the engine compartment
  • Ballistic protection of the automotive control electronics

Supplementary accessories

  • Ballistic protection of wheels
  • Ballistic protection of passengers sitting on front seats
  • Protection against a chemical attack
  • Fire protection system
  • Warning light-signaling device
  • Other special equipment

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